Timmy Trouble





'Timmy 'Trouble helps Clifford make pizza.

T-Bone is anxiously waiting for the ferry to come in. His friend, Hamburger, is coming to visit the island. T-Bone and Hamburger were friends before T-Bone ever met Clifford, but Burger moved away. Cleo comes and T-Bone tells Clifford and T-Bone about how Burger moved away. We're taken back to the past, where Burger and T-Bone are playing. One of their favorite games is to try to sneak up on each other without the other one seeing. Hamburger is a palette swap of T-Bone, he looks like T-Bone except his fur is white with patches like T-Bone's. As they're playing, they hear Hamburger's human, Deputy Wilson, talking to Sheriff Lewis. Sheriff Lewis says to Deputy Wilson that he can hardly believe that he and Hamburger are going away. But since T-Bone and Hamburger don't hear everything, they think that Hamburger and Deputy Wilson are just going to be going on vacation or something. T-Bone comes to a new part of the story, when they found out the truth. The two are playing at the sheriff's office/prison. Sheriff Lewis and Deputy Wilson are out for the time being. T-Bone is small enough that he's able to go in and out of the prison bars by simply going through the cracks between them. Hamburger tries this too and is able to get through. But when he tries to get out, he's stuck. So they both have to wait until Sheriff Lewis and Deputy Wilson get back. When they return, Hamburger is freed. Apparently, this is something that has happened before. Then, Sheriff Lewis and Deputy Wilson talk about Deputy Wilson's moving away. This time, Hamburger and T-Bone hear the whole conversation. Upset by the thought of having to leave each other, they come up with a plan. T-Bone says that Hamburger can come and live at his place. This works okay, until Hamburger realizes that he'd be without his human and he doesn't want to do that. So T-Bone suggests that he go with Hamburger. But that doesn't work either because he doesn't want to leave Sheriff Lewis. The two come up with a new plan, to try to hide Deputy Wilson's suitcase. He can't leave without that. But in trying to hide it, they inadvertently end up delivering it right into his hands. Out of options, the two accept their fate. On the day that Deputy Wilson and Hamburger leave, T-Bone can't find Hamburger anywhere and he worries that he won't have one last chance to say behind. But then Hamburger sneaks up on him from behind, just like always. Deputy Wilson promises T-Bone that they'll come back and visit. Deputy Wilson and Hamburger leave on the ferry. As they leave, another ferry comes in. It's carrying Clifford. Hamburger comments on how big Clifford is and T-Bone's flashback sequence ends. He says that he thought he'd never make any new friends after Hamburger left, but he did, Clifford and Cleo. Finally, the ferry arrives and T-Bone doesn't see Hamburger anywhere. He's worried that maybe he didn't come. But then Hamburger sneaks up on him from behind, just like old times