The Video Adventures of Clifford The Big Red Dog is the 1988 animated original TV special from Nelvana Limited, Wang Film Productions, Mendelson-Melendez Productions and Scholastic Productions with 6 animated learning adventures, based on the book series by Norman Bridwell. In 2000 They Made A Reboot Version Aired On PBS Kids

The 2000 Reboot Version From Nelvana Limted, Mike Young Productions PBS Kids Productions And Scholastic Productions


Join Clifford, Emily Elizabeth Howard and more in 6 animated fun-filled learning adventures.




  1. Go Clifford, Go (Intro)
  2. Doing the Word Dance
  3. Look at the Word Shape
  4. Numbers Everywhere, Numbers We Can Share
  5. The Subtracting Song
  6. Opposite and Same, The Name of the Game
  7. I'm the Opposite Man
  8. Shapes Everywhere
  9. Fiddle and Tambourine's Jangle
  10. Onamonapia
  11. The Dixieland Band
  12. Rhyme Time
  13. Rhymes Can Take You Anywhere
  14. Go Clifford, Go (Reprise) (Outro)
  15. Go Clifford Go (Alex Steel Remix) (Intro)
  16. Go Clifford Go (Alex Steel Remix Reprise) (Outro)

Production Companies

Nelvana Scholastic Productions, Inc. Mike Young Productions PBS Kids

Distributed By

Warner Bros. Television

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