The Trouble With Kittens

The Trouble with Kittens is the second half of the 20th episode of Season 2 of Clifford The Big Red Dog. In it, Clifford tries his best to keep the kittens away from Mr. Bleakman's yard


  1. Cleo's Song (beginning)
  2. The Cats Out of the Bag (kittens laugh)
  3. Clifford Sting 2 (Clifford gets a closer view of the kittens)
  4. Stay Out of Trouble ("Race you to the top Billy.")
  5. The Puppy Dog Strut ("Want to play with us?")
  6. You Can Do It ("Totally Fun.")
  7. A Poodle's Job ("What a great game Clifford.")
  8. Stay Out of Trouble (the kittens spot a butterfly)
  9. Pizzicato Sting 5 ("Last one up is a bowl of sour milk.")
  10. Mr Bleakman's Song ("Clifford?")
  11. Run Song (Clifford barks)
  12. Garden March (Mr. Bleakman is happy)
  13. Pizzicato Pluck 4 ("Thank You.")
  14. Pizzicato Pluck 6 ("We really like you.")
  15. Good Night Dreams (Clifford is in his doghouse)
  16. Pirate Ship ("Ahoy Clifford.")
  17. Clavi Sting 8 ("Hi Clifford.")
  18. Uh Oh Sting 2 (The kittens are gone)
  19. Clifford Sting 6 (phone rings)
  20. Clavi Sting 9 ("There they are.")
  21. Stay Safe (Kittens hide.")
  22. Clavi Sting 3 "Well, it does look kind of fun.")
  23. Clavi Sting 2 ("Tail?")
  24. Backyard Chase (kittens chase T-Bone)
  25. Cheer Up ("That was close.")
  26. Clifford March 3 ("Where are the kittens?"
  27. Run Song ("Coming Dear.")
  28. Clavi Sting 3 (kittens and dogs run)
  29. Clavi Sting 2 ("Yikes.")
  30. Run Song (kittens swinging)
  31. I'm Sorry ("Clifford, I've asked you to please go home. Now go.")
  32. Great Kings March (water sprays all over Mr. Bleakman.
  33. Guitar Sting 1 ( "That dog is an absolute menace.")
  34. Help Me Out ("Clifford always makes a mess.")
  35. Mr. Bleakman's 2nd song ("What do you mean?"
  36. The Puppy Dog Strut ("And these muddy paw prints are way too small to be his.")
  37. Good Night Dreams ("Well,")
  38. Clifford March 4 ("Something Else?")
  39. Clifford Sting 7 (Mr. Bleakman appologizes
  40. Mr. Bleakman's song ("Oh Clifford?")
  41. Run Song (the ending with kittens popping up from the bone, Mr. Bleakman laughing and Clifford barking)

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