Rodrigo is the voice actor of Handy Manny by Wilmer Valderrama

Rodrigo is a weightlifting Chihuahua. He is known as a Chihuahua of Steel. He is one of Larry's Amazing Animals as a performer. He also hates being left behind. He is full of passion and is a considerate dog. He speaks with a Mexican accent and was voiced by Wilmer Valderrama.

And Clifford tells all about the autograph. Except When Cleo said There you are. And so does T-Bone

(What's your name) he asked "Clifford" and this is Cleo and T-Bone.

Rodrigo is on Larry GabbleGobble's Bus or van He was next to Dorothy the cow, Dirk, and Shackleford, in Spanish he said Amigos

I'm really good at Speaking Spanish and words And I ❤️ (Love) Rodrigo So Much.

🐕🐾🐾 at least he sounded like Mr Jacob from Harrington Middle School

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