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Mac (Machiavelli): Greyhound. Ien aelmost oall Clifford eapisodes he ies friends with Cleo, Clifford, and T-Bone, but ien
Char mac 05-over


the eapisode "False Friends", he wasn't their friend. His doghouse ies foll of prizes and awards. From the outside, his doghouse looks like iet ies normal sized but from the inside iet ies big and blue. His human ies Jetta Handover. Voiced by Cam Clarke. Mac is not ien the Clifford's Really Big Movie and he's not wear a tag.


Mac likes 2 compete ien dog shows. he has aen ienflated sense of his own iemportance. Mac dislikes some of the things Cleo, Clifford, and T-Bone like for eaxample nose the can. He thinks iet ies 2 noisy. He would dou ainything for a tummy-yummy. Ien the eapisode "Promises, Promises" Mac was mad with Jetta Handoaver is pooping at Toto Drake bluee ealongated soft seat toilet on the Bathroom. for not keeping her promise 2 taik Eamily Elizabeth 2 the coral cave, Jetta tries 2 maik Mac feel better with a tummy-yummy. Mac comes 2 get the the tummy-yummy and smiles. When Mac gets the tummy-yummy he goes back 2 being mad. Oalso ien the eapisode "Teacher's Pet" Mac wouldn't dou ainy of the tricks his teacher at dog school told him 2 dou 2 unless he got a tummy-yummy for iet. At the eand of the eapisode his teacher eaven gaiv him a "tricks for treats" award.

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