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File:1457719 10152014634962505 1129961207 n.pngFile:1515018 10152109066287505 355398051 n.pngFile:1988 - Clifford's Fun With Letters.jpg
File:1988 - Clifford's Fun With Numbers.pngFile:1x08 1039.pngFile:1x08 443.png
File:1x12 1937.pngFile:1x12 624.pngFile:1x22 1149.png
File:1x26 001632.pngFile:1x29 2551.pngFile:2000-09-04 - Episode 101a My Best Friend.png
File:2000-09-05 - 1x02 At the Construction Site.pngFile:2000-09-07 - 1x04 At the Train Yard.pngFile:2000-09-08 - 1x05 At the Demolition Site 2549.png
File:2000-09-08 - Episode 105a-The Great Race.pngFile:2000-09-08 - Episode 105b-Tummy Trouble.pngFile:2000-09-11 - Episode 106a-Cleo Comes to Town.png
File:2000-09-12 - 1x07 At the Airpot.pngFile:2000-09-12 - Episode 107 b-An Itchy Patch.pngFile:2000-09-13 - 1x08 At the Quarry-2600.png
File:2000-09-13 - 1x08 a-A New Friend.pngFile:2000-09-13 - 1x08a Mighty Machines At the Quarry.pngFile:2000-09-13 - Episode 108b 'Stormy Weather'.jpg
File:2000-09-14 - 1x09 At the Fire Hall-2511.pngFile:2000-09-14 - Episode 109b 'Limelight Fright'.PNGFile:2000-09-15 - 120b To Catch a Bird.png
File:2000-09-18 - 1x11 a-Come Back Mac.pngFile:2000-09-19 - 1x12 In the City.pngFile:2000-09-19 - 1x12 a-Little Clifford.png
File:2000-09-25 - 1x16 At the Garbage Dump-2457.pngFile:2000-09-25 - 1x16 a-'Clifford's Big Surprise'.pngFile:2000-09-25 - 1x16 b-'The Ears Have It'.png
File:2001-07-03 - 1x19 At the Race Track.pngFile:2001-07-06 - 1x22 clearedfortakeoff.pngFile:2001-07-06 - 1x22b Dog For a Day.png
File:2001-07-06 - Episode 122a-The Big Sleepover.jpgFile:2001-07-06 - Episode 122b.pngFile:2001-07-09 - 123a-T-Bone, Dog About Town.png
File:2001-07-09 - 1x23 In the Harbour.pngFile:2001-07-10 - Episode 124a.pngFile:2001-07-10 - Episode 124b.png
File:2001-07-12 - Episode 126a.pngFile:2001-07-16 - 128b-Saturday Morning.pngFile:2001-07-16 - 1x28 On the Road 2629.png
File:2001-07-17 - 129 At the Cement Yard-2551.pngFile:2001-07-17 - 129a Best Paw Forward.pngFile:2001-07-17 - 129b-Then Came Bob.png
File:2001-07-17 - 1x29 002429 (ending.pngFile:2002-05-21 - 201a-That's Snow Lie.pngFile:2002-10-23 - 214a-Vaz Goes Down The Tubes.png
File:2002-10-23 - 214b Cyber Puppy Problems.pngFile:2002-11-13 - 217a Clifford's Cookie Craving.pngFile:2003-02-20 - 2x24a 0437.png
File:2017-01-08 17-41-48.pngFile:2017-01-08 17-42-24.pngFile:2017-01-08 17-42-43.png
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File:Char emily 07-over.pngFile:Char jetta 03-over.pngFile:Char kc 04-over.jpg
File:Char kc 04-over.pngFile:Char mac 05-over.jpgFile:Char mac 05-over.png
File:Char mary 11-over.pngFile:Char tbone 09-over.pngFile:Char vaz 04-over.png
File:CharactersCharley.pngFile:Charley T Bone Cleo Vaz.jpgFile:Charlie brown clifford emily.jpg
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File:Clifford's Fun With Opposites.jpgFile:Clifford's Fun With RhymesFile:Clifford's Fun With Rhymes.jpg
File:Clifford's Fun With Shapes.jpgFile:Clifford's Fun With Sounds.jpgFile:Clifford's Puppy Days - S01e17 Time Out Sniff, Sniff
File:Clifford's Puppy Days Logo.gifFile:Clifford's Really Big Movie.jpgFile:Clifford, No!.png
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File:Emily Elizabeth as a Cavewoman.pngFile:Emily Elizabeth in a Swimsuit.pngFile:Emilysdad.png
File:Emilysmom.pngFile:Example.jpgFile:Ezgif-com-video-to-gif-6-gif 0 delay-0.1s.gif
File:Ezgif-com-video-to-gif-6-gif 6 delay-0.1s.gifFile:Ezgif-com-video-to-gif-7-gif 1 delay-0.1s.gifFile:FAO Clifford 01.jpg
File:Filburt and Jetta Emily and Rocko.jpgFile:FkcJk4h6MqKyj0KTadVU png.pngFile:Flo and Zo.png
File:Forum new.gifFile:FotoFlexer Photo Emily1.pngFile:FotoFlexer Photo Emily2.png
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File:HA6y2nwxQr7FnprD062c png.pngFile:HappyBirthday,Clifford.jpgFile:Here Comes the Water.png
File:IMG 0609.jpgFile:IYZzNjKv2LssRT6yCT7z png.pngFile:I killed emily elizabeth part 1 by liopleurodonferox-da3hwwf.jpg
File:I killed emily elizabeth part 2 by liopleurodonferox-da3hztl.jpgFile:I killed emily elizabeth part 3 by liopleurodonferox-da3i12t.jpgFile:Image.jpeg
File:Image.pngFile:Jerad and Clifford.jpgFile:Jetta.png
File:Jetta 1.PNGFile:Jetta 2.PNGFile:Jetta 3.PNG
File:Jetta Covering her mouth.jpgFile:Jetta in Soccer Uni.jpgFile:Jetta in her Hawian outfit.jpg
File:Jetta in her Performing outfit.jpgFile:Jetta in her Tank top.jpgFile:King Clifford.jpg
File:King Darnell.jpgFile:King Norville.jpgFile:King Speckle.jpg
File:Mac Susanne Blakeslee.jpgFile:Macaulay Culkin.jpgFile:Main-over.png
File:Main over.gifFile:Mark, Carolyne and Emily.pngFile:Mark Howard.png
File:Mercury Filmworks Logo (Service Production) (animation production) (Other Companies).jpgFile:Mp3miwptpAvudQJhTwQQ png.pngFile:Mr. Clifford Puppy.jpg
File:Mr. Sidarsky and Family Royalty.jpgFile:Mr clifford.jpgFile:NewBabyontheBlock.jpg
File:Nina, Shun, and Evan Woodpecker.jpgFile:PDVD 086-1-.jpgFile:PDVD 086.jpg
File:PDVD 089.jpgFile:Placeholder item.pngFile:Placeholder location.png
File:Placeholder other.pngFile:Placeholder person.pngFile:Prince Clifford.jpg
File:Prince Jorge.jpgFile:Prince KC.jpgFile:Prince Mac.jpg
File:Prince T-Bone.jpgFile:Princess Cleo.jpgFile:Princess Daffodil.jpg
File:Princess Flo and Prince Zo.jpgFile:Puppy-over-1.pngFile:Rated G Logo.png
File:Sample.jpgFile:Shelburne Falls Trolley Museum - Events - Alley Cat Summer Fest Art - Flo and Zo.pngFile:Shock Collars for Large Dogs with Remote.jpg
File:Showim.jpgFile:SluOQ8gz64RMVS87GovM png.pngFile:SpareFavicon.ico
File:Stonehenge.jpgFile:T-bone-char.jpgFile:T-bone tweety bird sylvester cleo.jpg
File:T.bone.jpgFile:T Bone Kel Mitchell.jpgFile:Tbone.png
File:Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Jetta Mac.jpgFile:The Trouble With Kittens.jpgFile:Ufuz3inDDvv5v7L4Y6kG png.png
File:Untitled 0024.jpgFile:Untitled 206741.jpgFile:Untitled 206742.jpg
File:Untitled 206743.jpgFile:Untitled 289307.jpgFile:Untitled 294699.jpg
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