• Emily Elizabeth
  • Jetta
  • Clifford
  • Caroline
  • Mark
  • Vaz
  • Charley
  • Cleo
  • T-Bone
  • Mac
  • Jetta's mom
  • Mary
  • Horace
  • Violet
  • Cosmo
  • Samuel
  • Mrs. Diller
  • Sheriff Lewis

Section heading

In the summer she wears swimsuit, towel, hat and sandals (not long-sleeve pink shirt, black skirt, pink & black lucky socks, and black school shoes). Clifford and I went to the beach. Mr. Bleakmon is caught the unnecessary electricity, Jetta wears yellow shirt, pink shorts and sandals. Charley wears t-shirt, blue shorts, socks and shoes. Jetta has blenders, refridgerator, TV, fans, toasters, and lights to be wasting lots of energy. Charley has video games, and Vaz has computers. The electricity won't start. We'll has cold dinner: Tuna sandwiches, tuna salad boats, chips, drinks, carrots,  peanut butter sandwiches, ham sandwiches, cheese, celery, yogurt, and fruits to eat.

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