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KC is a three-legged character from Clifford the Big Red Dog. He has only 3 legs. It is unknown whether he was born with 1 leg missing, or if he had an accident. He is a minor charactor who appears several times in the series. He first appeared in the episode "A New Friend". In that episode he was just visiting Birdwell Island. He is chill. He is a hippy. He has a beautiful outlook twoards life. He is positive. Which is cool. He appears to be young which is okay! He is missing a paw and leg. He has a tree trunk stub in place. (Born: October 3 1993

KC's job

In the episode "Beachball Star", KC says that he is going to live there. KC is a helping dog. He helps his owner's mother by getting water for her, and many other stuff too. Can you believe it! Huh? He has suffered enough in life and now has to care for an old person lady thing person. What the heck! If I was him I would tie myself to a rail choo choo rail road and lose my other legs and replace them with stubs and then die. Ughhhh

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