There's a beach volleyball game going on with a bunch of the neighborhood dogs. Cleo, Clifford, T-Bone and Mac are all there, as well as dogs named Al and Tonya, as well as many unnamed dogs. The dog named Al is having a great time giving a play-by-play commentary of the game, but it's also causing a problem for his team, as he's trying to give the commetary while playing the game. The score is tied when Cleo makes an amazing shot, giving the win to Clifford's team. However, the camera shows that the ball bounced before Cleo made the play. Everyone comes over to congratulate Cleo on the great play. Mac protests, saying that he thought he saw the ball bounce. Cleo tries to agree, but everyone cuts her off, saying what a great play it was. That night, Cleo is haunted by a nightmare in which Al gives his running commentary, but his time plays back her play in slow-motion and sees that the ball bounced. She wakes up and decides that she should tell everyone the truth. But when she gets to the game, everyone cuts her off again before she can say anything. Since she's such a great volleyball player, they want her to teach them some of her moves. Cleo decides to go along, telling them that anyone can be a great player if they practice. But everytime she tries to show them a shot, even shots that she normally does well, she messes them up. Finally, she has to admit that the ball bounced the day before. She wanted to tell them, but it just kept getting harder and harder. She decides to try it again and this time she actually does make the shot and without the ball bouncing.


Don Gillies wrote this episode, while Tom Yasumi directed this episode.

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