1. My Best Friend
  2. Clifford's Carnival
  3. Clifford And The Beanstalk
  4. Stormy Weather
  5. To Catch A Bird
  6. Little Clifford
  7. Welcome To Birdwell Island
  8. Nobody's Perfect
  9. Islander Of The Year
  10. Stars In Your Eyes
  11. Team Spirit
  12. The Big Sleepover
  13. Captain Birdwell's Treasure
  14. Jetta's Tall Tale
  15. Baby Makes Four
  16. Fair Weathered Friend
  17. Topsy Turvy Day
  18. Fan Mail
  19. Jetta's Project
  20. Stinky Friends
  21. Magic In The Air
  22. Everyone Loves Clifford
  23. Basketball Stories
  24. When I Grow Up
  25. Vaz Goes Down The Tubes
  26. Cyber Puppy Problems
  27. Another Fine Mess
  28. Jetta's Friend
  29. Lights Out
  30. Wedding Bell BLues
  31. Stage Struck

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