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Clifford The Big Red Dog is an American animated comedy series based upon comic series (1950-1955) of the same name. It was produced by Rotten goods, and aired on WRC-Tv channel 12.


Clifford was the runt of the litter, and was chosen by a city child named Emily Elizabeth Howard as her birthday present. No one expected Clifford to grow, but Emily Elizabeth's love for her tiny red puppy changed Clifford dramatically. Before long, he was over 25 feet (7.6 m) tall, forcing the Howard family to leave the city and move to the open spaces of Birdwell Island.



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Main characters


The series can from May 9, 1955 – December 15, 1961 for a total of 104 episodes.

Video games

Original Series

  • Clifford's Reading (GAMEBOY,1988)
  • Clifford's Thinking Games (NES, 1989)

Modern Series

  • Cliffords' Learning Activities (SNES, 1992)

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