Clifford's Puppy Days: The Movie Is A 2015 American Animated Family Comedy Action/Adventure Musical Film Based On The Scholastic Books Clifford the Big Red Dog By Norman Bridwell Based On 2000 TV Show Clifford the Big Red Dog And 2003 Spinoff TV Show Clifford's Puppy Days On PBS Kids It Was Directed By Macaulay Culkin In His Directorial Debut Produced By Deborah Forte It Was Lara Jill Miller's Second Film To Be Theatrical The First Being Was Digimon: The Movie It Was The Only Sony Pictures Animation To Be Rated G And It Also The Only Sony Pictures Animation Film To Be Traditional Hand-Drawn Animation And It Also Was The Series Finale Of Clifford's Puppy Days. Plot After Being Kicked Out Of The Apartment Clifford Was Kidnapped By A Mysterious Man Named Dr. Master Who Plans To Take Over The World When Emily Elizabeth Howard Saw The News She See Clifford Being Kidnapped. It's Up To Emily Elizabeth Howard Nina Evan Shun And All Of Clifford's Friends To Save Clifford Before Too Late.


Lara Jill Miller As Clifford A Small Red Puppy

Macaulay Culkin As Mysterious Man A Villain Who Kidnapped Clifford

Culkin Also Voiced Dr. Master A Villain Who Tries To Take Over The World. Culkin Even Also Voiced Mark Adamson A Circus Owner Along With His Sister Allison Who Later Become One Of Emily Elizabeth's Friends Along With Allison.

Grey DeLisle As Emily Elizabeth Howard Clifford's 8 Year Old Owner Who Love Him So Much

DeLisle Also Voiced Caroline Howard Emily Elizabeth's Mom

Kath Soucie As Allison Adamson A Girl Who Is Mark's Sister.

Soucie Also Voice Daffodil Clifford's Adpotivie Sister

Production Company

Scholastic Entertainment Inc., Big Red Dog Productions, Sony Pictures Animation, LStar Capital Warner Animation Group


Columbia Pictures (United States)

Warner Bros. Pictures (International)

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