1. Doing The Right Thing
  2. Leaf of Absence
  3. Tough Enough
  4. Mac's Secret Dog Club
  5. Fluffed Up Cleo
  6. Follow The Leader
  7. Goodbye T-Bone
  8. The Truth About Dogs and Cats
  9. T-Bone Dog About Town
  10. Who Me, Jealous?
  11. Clothes Don't Make The Dog
  12. The Kibble Crook
  13. Mimi's Back In Town
  14. Hooray For Cleo
  15. Cleo's Valentine Surprise
  16. Doggie Detectives
  17. Cleo Gets a Cone
  18. Not Now, I'm Busy
  19. Who Moved My Bone
  20. King Mac
  21. The Trouble With Kittens
  22. Led Astray
  23. Friends Forever
  24. Doghouse Rock
  25. Guess Who's Coming To Birdwell
  26. Little Big Pup
  27. Getting To Know You

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