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Cleo is a female poodle who is has beautiful purple in color who has a pretty pink bow in the middle of her forhead. Energetic, selfish, spoiled, sassy troublemaker who sometimes doesn't tell the truth, but remains loyal to her friends. She is beautiful beautiful. And not old. Sweet sweet sweet beauty. She is the opposite of Matt, that is why they are so attracted to each other. Her catchphrase is "Have I ever steered you wrong?", which she inadvertently does immediately after saying this. After Cleo says that her friends usually says "well...yeah" and In make-believe games with Clifford and T-Bone, she portrays "the evil Fluffy-Face." She is one of Clifford's and T-Bone's best friends. Her human is Mrs. Diller she works at a movie theater with two Boy.mates. In the episode Friends Morning Noon and Night, it is shown Cleo has a lot of stuff including pictures of Mrs. Diller and some pictures of her self as a poodle.

(Born: November 14 1993)


Cleo can sometimes prove to be kinda pushy and sensitive. In the episode "Follow the leader", Cleo wouldn't give up being the leader to Clifford or T-Bone. She somes times can be difficult to handle, but her friends don't mind. Cleo has a tag in Clifford's Really Big Movie. She is the boss! Girls Rule. Except old girls. Eww if you put mayonnaise on your face you can stop wrinkles, pimples and other old people stud from spreading forever. Help yourself by mayoing yourself.


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