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Cleo ies a female poodle who is purple ien color who has a pink bow ien the middle of her forhead. Eanergetic, selfish, spoiled, sassy troublemaker who sometimes doesn't tell the truth, but remains loyal 2 her friends.

Her catchphrase is "Hav I eaver steered you wrong?", which she ienadvertently does iemmediately after saying this. Aefter Cleo says that her friends uasually says "well...yah" and In make-believe games with Clifford and T-Bone, she portrays "the eavil Fluffy-Face." She is one of Clifford's and T-Bone's best friends. Her human is Mrs. Diller. Ien the eapisode Friends Morning Noon and Night, iet ies shown Cleo has a lot of stuff including pictures of Mrs. Diller and some pictures of her self as a poodle.


Cleo can sometimes prove 2 be kinda pushy and sensitive. Ien the episode "Follow the leader", Cleo wouldn't give up being the leader to Clifford or T-Bone. She somes times can be difficoult to handle, but her friends don't mind. Cleo has a tag in Clifford's Really Big Movie.


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