1. Cleo's Fair Share
  2. Special Delivery
  3. A Ferry Tale
  4. And Birdy Makes Three
  5. Clifford's Doggy Reunion
  6. The Great Race (Charley's clothes don't appear)
  7. Cleo Comes To Town
  8. False Friends
  9. An Itchy Patch
  10. Come Back, Mac (Charley's clothes don't appear)
  11. Little Clifford
  12. Doing The Right Thing
  13. Leaf of Absence
  14. Teacher's Pet
  15. The Ears Have It
  16. Tough Enough
  17. Mac's Secret Dog Club
  18. Fluffed-up Cleo
  19. Follow The Leader
  20. Good-Bye T-Bone
  21. The Truth About Dogs & Cats
  22. T-Bone Dog About Town
  23. Who Me, Jealous?
  24. A Bunny In A Haystack
  25. Clothes Don't Make The Dog
  26. The Kibble Crook
  27. New Dog In Town
  28. Get Well
  29. Friends, Morning, Noon, & Night
  30. Mr. Bleakmon's Special Day
  31. Welcome To the Doghouse
  32. Clifford's Hiccups
  33. The Big Fetch
  34. Clifford Cleans His Room
  35. Two's Company
  36. Fair-Weathered Friend
  37. Clifford's Charm School
  38. Mimi's Back In Town
  39. Blanket Blues
  40. Dino Clifford
  41. Hooray For Cleo
  42. Nothing To Fur But Fur Itself
  43. Clifford Grows Up
  44. Cleo's Valentine Surprise
  45. Princess Cleo
  46. Cleo Gets A Cone
  47. Not Now, I'm Busy
  48. Special T-Bone
  49. Jetta's Sneak Peak
  50. King Mac
  51. Who Moved My Bone?
  52. Clifford's Cookie Craving
  53. No Baths For Cleo
  54. Flood of Imagination
  55. A Big Help
  56. The Trouble With Kittens
  57. Led Astray
  58. Food For Thought
  59. Friends Forever
  60. Doghouse Rock
  61. Guess Who's Coming To Birdwell
  62. Little Big Pup
  63. Getting To Know You

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