2000-09-12 - Episode 107 b-An Itchy Patch

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Clifford is having a serious itching problem. He scratches against a tree at the library and then holds up traffic, trying to scratch against a traffic light. He also scratches against a mail truck. When he comes home, Emily Elizabeth and Mr. Howard can't help but notice him scratching. Emily Elizabeth says that if he keeps scratching like that, they may just have to take him to the new vet in town. Clifford doesn't like the sound of that. Clifford meets up with Cleo and T-Bone at the beach. However, he can't really play, as he just keeps scratching. He tells Cleo and T-Bone that he has a bad itch and mentions that Emily Elizabeth said that she might take him to the vet if he keeps scratching. Cleo doesn't like this idea. She heard that the vet is friends with the groomer and she dislikes the groomer, a lot. She has a plan though: as long as Emily Elizabeth doesn't see Clifford scratching, he'll be fine. So he just has to keep it under control. This, however, is easier said than done. When Emily Elizabeth takes Clifford to the library, he breaks down and starts scratching on the grass. However, Cleo and T-Bone cover it up, by making it look like they were playing. Later, Emily Elizabeth and Mr. Howard are having lunch at the docks. Emily Elizabeth comments that she hasn't seen Clifford scratch all day. Outside, Cleo and T-Bone are busy scratching Clifford's back, trying to keep the itching under control. But they get tired and stop for a break. Clifford can't stop himself and makes a dash for the water for a good scratch. Mr. Howard and Emily Elizabeth see him and chase after him. Emily Elizabeth decides that it's time to take him to the vet. So Clifford goes to the vet, while T-Bone and Cleo watch from an overlooking hill. The vet's name is Dr. Dihn and she's quite nice. She diagnoses Clifford as having a rash and prescribes some cream to clear it up. Cleo and T-Bone see that the cream has relieved Clifford's itching and release that the vet isn't so bad after all. At home, Emily Elizabeth tells Clifford that she understands about him being afraid to go to the vet at first. After all, she was afraid the first time she went to the doctor. But she's glad they did go to the vet and Clifford is too.